PMBOS Software Features
PMBOS© is up-to-date, comprehensive billing and practice management software system that you can use to support your day- to-day operations
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Medical billing program (PMBOS)
Benefits Benefits
  • First time acceptance rate of 98 to 100%
  • Easy submission process
  • Ability to a attach images.
  • Complete patient visit history, with a capability to match appointments to claims
  • Time and task managment capabilities
  • Eliminated manual posting
  • Paperless process
  • And more
Billing process inside
of our software for medical billing:
  • The medical billing program follows regulations as well as guidelines of CMS, LMPR and HIPAA.
  • Maintains providers' ids, tax id, and network status with the insurance company.
  • View history, resubmit claims, monitor payment and create follow up dates.
  • Creating and managing authorization.
  • Electronic submission of primary and secondary claims.
  • Electronic Medicaid authorization.
  • Automatically creates secondary claims.
  • Generating outstanding reports to be used as discussion material for the next office meeting.
  • Billing patients.
packages packages
Package #1
Practice management
Package #2
Medical Billing
  • Appointment management
  • Multi-Location(can be used from different locations with access to common database)
  • Database backup
  • Patient Payment History(search filtering, checks with detail notes, amounts)
  • Single or Multi User, easily scalable
  • Multiple User security levels, that can be modified
  • Multi-Location(can be used from different locations with access to common database)
  • Creating Appointment based Super Bills
  • Preset up appointment types to automatically block out times and change their colors.
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Be able to book multiple appointments per time slot
  • Creating Appointment based Super Bills
  • Submit Superbills electronically (in one office usage)
  • Print Super Bills
  • Multiple Reports(By patients, checks, claims, etc.)
  • Find next available appointment.
  • Find patients scheduled appointments.
  • Easy access patient database(with doctor notes, and additional files can be attached)
  • Edit patient demographics while scheduling a patient.
  • Have the patients Ledger Balances and Inter Office Notes pop up while scheduling
  • Multi-physicians view
  • Weekly View
  • Waiting List
  • Manage Claims (search by filter, detail view, export to .xlsx format)
  • Manage deadlines, tasks, claim follow ups and credentialing dates by using the task management system with reminders
  • Printing labels
  • Transportations companies list (can be added, edited)
  • Quickly and efficiently enter Patient Demographics
  • Maintain both current Insurance information and Historical Insurance.
  • Have the balance of your pertinent patient information pivot from the demographics screen.
  • Quickly and efficiently enter accurate charges in the patient’s ledger.
  • Record patient payments
  • Print patient receipts
  • Multiple Active Windows
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Importing Electronic Super Bills
  • Electronic CMS-1500 (02/12), UB04 & Workers Comp claims billing
  • Batch print CMS-1500
  • HIPAA ASC X12N v005010 277CA – Health Care Claims Acknowledgement report Transaction
  • HIPAA ASC X12N v005010 837P – Professional Health Care Claim Transaction
  • HIPAA ASC X12N v005010 835 – Health Care Claim Payment/Advice Transaction
  • Single or Multi User, easily scalable
  • Multiple User security levels, that can be modified
  • Multi-Location(can be used from different locations with access to common database)
  • Multiple Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Electronic Filing or Paper Claims
  • Manage multiple practices (doctors, groups, offices, facilities)
  • Diagnosis Code Lists (ICD-9,ICD-10)
  • Procedure Code Lists
  • Ability to Print Electronic Remittance Advice
  • Payment Posting & Adjustments
  • Payment Posting Patients Ledgers
  • Reminders (via email, SMS)
  • Multiple Reports (by claims, visits, providers, etc.)
  • Auto Reassign to Secondary
  • Maintenance of Fee Schedules
  • Collections
  • Practice Invoicing (in case of multi practice usage)
  • Be able to file your claims electronically
  • Be able to do batch hard copy 1500 billing
  • Be able to quickly print a claim from the ledger
  • The system should auto-check your claims for errors before they are sent out
  • Be able to Re-Bill claims based on a user defined age.
  • Easily edit a denial and re-bill that claim.
  • Quickly and Efficiently Post Payments
  • Have Electronic Remittance Advice for large EOBs
  • Quick Payment Insurance Posting Modules, both by the claim or by line itemQuick Payment Patient Posting Module that will automatically post to the oldest patient balances in the ledgerBe able to post payments in the ledgerEasy to Use and Very Stable.
  • Multiple Active Windows
Additional Features
Superbills Scanning Module - $450.00
(Does Not Include Hardware)
Integrations with EHR, tool that allows import electronic superbills exported from: WebPT (HL7), Tracknet (XML), eClinical (837)
Appointments can be made in the same medical billing software
Everything starts at the front desk! The appointments screen is one of the features offered that allow providers and their staff to schedule as well as maintain appointments, patient’s data, ledger, authorization and much more:
  • Flexibility to view, edit and print any information on the patient or the visit.
  • Patient profile contains ledger co-pay, authorization information and insurance coverage.
  • Ability to attach images.
  • Color code appointments.
  • Multiple provider displaying options.
  • Variety of comfortable features and different type of appointments, such as patients, business meetings, etc.
  • Create custom reports.
  • Print superbills for appointment with patient information on the form.
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