HIPAA & Security
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Medical practices, health plans, Health Care Clearinghouses, Business Associates and other health care providers are required by Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to utilize new rules sets after October 15, 2003. With effect from April 2005, HIPAA requires that security measures to be implemented for physical security and electronically secure transfer of protected health information (PHI) from unauthorized access, retrieval, storage of the electronic data. However there is no such thing as “HIPAA compliant" software. The responsibility to be compliant rests with the medical practice. Two main areas of a medical practice affected by HIPAA are the practice’s billing software and practice management software.
WCH PMBOS program provides
the following HIPAA compliant Rules: hipaa info
  • National Provider Identifier (NPI).
  • HIPAA ANSI 5010 Ready
  • Password protected database.
  • Secured access to patient’s data only to authorized personnel with:
    • Individual authentication – individual logins and passwords
    • Level Based Access Control
  • Audit
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Our additional services services
Medical billing
What else you may need besides professional medical billing? Maybe excellent collection with reimbursement of 97-99%? Additional Education for you and your staff? What about permanent access to your claims’ information any time to see all billed, sent and paid claims?
Provider credentialing
As an experienced credentialing service company, WCH works with great efficiency to get our clients enrolled in various insurance companies and negotiate existing participating agreements. We handle credentialing for all healthcare specialties.
Electronic health
records system
WCH iSmart is a complete certified EHR (Electronic Health Records) allowing health care providers and their staff to record all the aspects of clinical care in one system. Being a user friendly web-based system, iSmart EHR has an easy to learn interface.
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