Video tutorials on PMBOS© support
Frequently Asked Questions
Client System Requirements?
Minimum System Requirements for PMBOS:
Pentium 4 or newer (AMD CPU’s Okay), 3GB RAM, 15GB Disk Space, Super VGA (1024 x 768) / 32 bit Color, 10-Base T Ethernet Card, Windows Operating System.
Internet Connection Speed?
2Mbit/s and higher.
Is PMBOS available in modules?
Yes. PMBOS has two basic modules: Practice management and Billing. Requests for development additional features can be accepted.
Where is data stored?
All data stored in the MS SQL Server Databases.
Does the PMBOS generate reminders for physicians and other users?
PMBOS can generate reminders for users using Issues Feature.
Can the doctor create a note?
Yes. For Claims on claim level and for Appointments on appointment level.
HIPAA Transactions and Code Sets Certificates?
System can create HIPAA-compliant files in accordance with the final rule governing transaction standards and code sets.
User guidelines provided?
Yes. PMBOS offers a series of tutorial videos and help documentation.
How many hours of training are provided?
Practice management – 3 hours of training are included. Billing – 15 hours of training are included.
Once a contract is signed, how long does the implementation take?
PMBOS Installation - one day.
Can I create different security level for my employees?
Yes. PMBOS does support four security levels, each of them can be edited.
Do you have Custom Features?
Yes. We have Scan and Save feature, which allows map scanned super bill to the claim
How many staff can I add into the system?
One workstation license allows you to add one user.
How many services can I add into the system?
With PMBOS there is no limit to the number of services you can add.
Can I have multiple staff logged in at the same time?
How will PMBOS benefit my business?
PMBOS streamlines your operations. It was designed for doctor practice and includes features to simplify billing operations and manage your practice, use PMBOS to get efficient. The best way to determine if PMBOS is right for you is to start a free demo.